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The Yeshiva program brings college-style Biblical courses to your living room at a fraction of the cost required by colleges. Each course is broken down into lessons, each consisting of a reading assignment, a video lesson, a review session (for some courses), and a quiz that must be passed with at least an 80% before you are able to advance to the next lesson. After the completion of an entire course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

While these courses do not earn you any official college credit, the interactive nature will increase your learning retention of the subject matter and will save you the time (and cost) of having to read a lot of books to get the information.

Because of the additional time, cost, and effort that go into creating these Yeshiva courses, they are currently only available to Silver and Gold level members.  Thank you for your understanding with this.

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Restoring Creation

Creation is a theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation; it permeates every book of the Scripture. In this course, we will begin by investigating the concept of creation in the cognitive environment of ancient Israel and her neighbors. This will provide us with a base understanding for why such language is used and why we will find frequent quotation and allusion to the mandate given to Adam and Eve in the Garden, "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it."

Rediscovering Romans

Join in this lengthy course where we will investigate the historical background and culture of the first century world to discover how the original audience who received Paul's letter to the Roman congregation would have understood the letter.  We will begin with investigating the Greco-Roman world, the Judean world, and the historical events just prior to Paul's writing and then will analyze the letter section by section to gain a complete understanding of Romans.

Hebrew in the Home

Want to learn how to read and translate Biblical Hebrew?  This course is for you!  In this course you will go chapter by chapter through a Hebrew Grammar textbook and learn the same information as you would find in any Seminary Hebrew language course.

How to Study Scripture

How many times have you wanted to understand your Scriptures in context but realize that nobody has ever taught you the proper method for researching Scripture in a manner that will help ensure that you come to an understanding that is within the context of Scripture?  Not only will you gain understanding of proper study techniques for your own studies, but you will be able to analyze other people's research to determine if their conclusions are factual or faulty.

Restoring Honor Removing Shame According to the Temple Service

Ever wanted to learn more about the Temple and its service?  Wonder why God commanded that animals be sacrificed on certain occasions? This course will discuss the honor & shame aspects of the Temple and will serve as a prerequisite introduction into a much deeper study on the book of Leviticus.


  1. Yes, we are so blessed that you have such a willing heart to share what you’ve learned!! I’ve ordered and rec’d the Hebrew Grammer book and workbook. I’m planning to start your Hebrew class after Revive 2017!! Blessings to you, Mary, and your boys!!

  2. Valori Cadwell

    I assume students are able to work at their own pace and independently? Is there any limit on how long students may take to complete a course?

  3. Ryan, I would very much like to use the Hebrew course for my son’s homeschooling material. Do you have any idea how many lessons it will be total, and when the course will be completed? I need to go ahead and plan out his year. Thank you.

    • Hi Christy,
      There are 36 chapters in the Hebrew Grammar book so ideally I will have a lesson for each of those. In my masters program, we actually didn’t even cover all the chapters because with modern software, it is unnecessary to memorize all the weak verbal forms, but I would like to at least cover those.
      I had shifted my focus to working on some of the other courses because there weren’t a lot of people participating in this course but if you’re interested I’ll be sure to continue working on it faster than before. I actually have lesson 5 recorded and just need to add the content. I have 6 weeks left this semester so I will probably only be able to record 1 more lesson in the next 6 week but over the summer I plan on recording at least 2 lessons each month and in the fall at least 1 new lesson each month.

      • Ah, yes! We are very interested! We probably won’t start until August (the beginning of the new school year). Thank you.

      • i would like to re-open the Hebrew lessons!! and a friend, maybe two would also. What level membership is the Yeshiva?

  4. Ryan, I’m so thankfully blessed by you offering these courses to us out here. May Yahweh bless your heart and the work of your hands.

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