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The Torah cycle is a weekly reading of the Torah (Pentateuch, 5 books of Moses) that has been read in Synagogues and Churches since before the time of Yeshua. Because the Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar cycle and sometimes includes a 13th month, some weeks of certain years will feature two portions to be read in a single week.

There are three series I have recorded to go along with the weekly Torah cycle:

  1. The Torah Portion - A 30-minute video covering a few aspects of the Torah portion connected to the ancient Near East. As of summer 2017, these are still in production to air on Israel TV Network and I will begin posting them on this website after Sukkot in Fall 2017.
  2. The Haftarah Portion - A 50-minute video covering the Haftarah reading (a reading from the prophets and/or writings that connects with the Torah portion).
  3. The Echoes Through Scripture Portion - A 30-60 minute recording that highlights a theme in the Torah portion, then connects that theme throughout the rest of Scripture, especially into the Apostolic Writings (the New Testament). These are being posted each week and will finish Sukkot 2017.