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I am proud to announce that my friend and mentor Rico Cortes has decided to expand out the Talmidim program beyond myself and Daniel McGirr and is including Matthew VanderEls, Joel Sanchez, Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, Walter Agosto, and Rafi Gonzales. We are all studying the ancient Near East context and culture of Scriptures together and share resources and frequently dialogue to better each other and to hold each other accountable. As our first venture, we will be starting a round table discussion through Google Hangouts this week. See the message below:

Ladies and Gentlemen , very excited to tell you we are beginning a new facet to Wisdom In Torah Ministries this Wednesday (2/11/15) thru Google Hangouts.

Please join Rico Cortes, Ryan White, Daniel McGirr,Matthew VanderEls, Walter Agosto and Tyler Dawn Rosenquist on Wednesday night at 8pm EST for a new round table live teachings from the Ancient Near Eastern Perspective of Scripture from Wisdom in Torah Ministries on google hangouts, more information will be posted later in the week. Rico will be leading off with Suzerain Vassal treaties -this information will change your life. We're going to try to do this weekly or bi-weekly and we are very excited about this format. Here is an article to read beforehand

We will be updating you soon with information on how to connect to the broadcast.


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