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Yitro – The Grace of Torah

Parashah Yitro The Grace of Torah Exodus 18:1 - 20:26 When people in today's culture talk about religious law, there is often an accompanying sense of apprehension. We've been freed from the Law right? How could ancient Israelite laws carry any significance for today's new and improved believer. We are no longer under the burden of the Law but under grace; law …

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The Psalms as Torah – Live

In this teaching, we introduce the Psalms as a literary unit. We will look at the composition of the Psalms and why this is vitally important for understanding the message of the Psalms. We also focus on the lament Psalm, psalms of orientation, disorientation, and new-orientation in order to understand how the Psalms interact with each other. And of course …

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Noach’s Flood and the Trial by Ordeal

Have you ever wondered why Pharaoh allowed his daughter to not only spare Moses' life, but to allow him to become a prince in Egypt?  Or how about why God used the Red Sea as the final judgment for Pharaoh and his army?  How about why Jonah walked into Nineveh, a pagan city, and they immediately repented?  Or why at …

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