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Didache: First Century Discipleship Part 2 (Live Teaching)

The Didache is one of the most important extra-biblical documents there are for believers in Yeshua.  Didache is the Greek word for 'teaching' or 'training' and it was written as a manual for converts from pagan Greco-Roman background (and possibly Hellenistic Jews) into the Israelite community of believers in Yeshua.  The document was written between 50 - 100AD, which means …

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First Century World: Honor and Shame Part 2

In the fourth part of this series, we will continuing looking into the honor and shame based culture to understand the context of Yeshua's interactions with the Sadducees, Pharisees, and "Scribes". This will also give us insight into what Paul was combating in his letters and why Yeshua was crucified instead of simply being put to death silently. Please also …

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First Century World: Greco-Roman Pagan Religion

In the second part of this series, we will be looking into the Greco-Roman religious system.  It is very important to understand the religious system of the Roman empire because this is the mindset that the early believers were battling when they were converting Gentiles into the Jewish faith of Yeshua.  We also must understand this because this religious system …

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