Roku App now available!

//Roku App now available!

The Roku app is finally launched!

The Rooted in Torah Roku app is now available via the link below. It is still in the process of approval as a public channel by the Roku team, so for the time being, please access it via the link.

This app has a free section that anyone can access which includes a lot of the free content on this website, as well as a bonus Honor and Shame Basics 1.5 hour video available for the next 2 weeks. The premium section will require a Gold level membership to access and will allow you to watch any video on this website on your Roku device.

I am still in the process of adding all the videos into the Roku app, so your patience is appreciated. I have about 75% of the premium content added so far and about 30% of the free content added. Please check back frequently for updates on the channel.

Click here for instructions on installing the Roku app


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