Psalm 15: Psalms as Torah

The Psalms as Torah

Psalm 15


Welcome to the series where we will be investigating each psalm in light of the Torah, honor and shame, justice & righteousness, and analyzing the genre of each psalm and its relationship to the surrounding psalms. I would challenge each of you to read the psalms which will be covered for yourself prior to watching the teaching and reflect upon how each functions as a form of worship to YHWH.

Psalm 15 gives us insight into the requirements for entering the Temple in order to commune with God. Rather than ritual requirements, this Psalm focuses upon the ethical requirements of how to treat your fellow man as the means for being in God's image and entering His house.

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  1. Enjoying the teachings so . It’s helping me understand King David’s heart better. Was named after him and was read the Psalms by my mother even before birth and very much in childhood by her . Side note Ryan I have tried alot to sign up for the mailing list many times but have not been receiving anything that I can tell. Thanks so much and Hag Samach be blessed. David Macomber

  2. Really good stuff here, Ryan, THANK YOU!

    I had to smile when i heard you calling for us to become HaShem’s idols because i’m halfway through Michael Heiser’s book The Unseen Realm where he teaches צֶלֶם tselem in some depth, and ends up calling us by his coined word, “imagers.” Imagers, who were to image their Creator and that “the original task of humanity was to make the entire Earth like Eden.” So far i’d highly recommend adding his book to one’s library. Even though Heiser’s template is still quite “believers” replacing Israel, the rest of the research is impeccable and sheds a truly helpful light on Elohim’s divine council in Psalm 82.

  3. Great teaching Ryan!!! So timely for us to hear!

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