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Website Update

Welcome to the new Rooted in Torah website!

We are still working on updating the website, but wanted to open up access during the update process. Your access will work as normal and all of the teachings are available. The main update is to the theme (the way the website looks) as well as redesigning the main page and many of the other navigational pages.

All teachings, courses, and content are available. There may be some visual bugs during this updating process so we appreciate your patience during this process.

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Upcoming Events

Stop in and listen to Ryan White teaching at a location near you
or invite him to speak at your congregation

Invite to Speak

Listen to Ryan White speak at Hebraic Family Fellowship on Saturday, March 10.

2800 W Indian Hills Rd
Norman, Oklahoma 73069

More information on the venue

Contact Ryan for more information if you are interested in joining us.


Join Ryan and the Tabernacle of David team in celebrating the Lord's Passover.

1512 Woodhill Rd, Burnsville, MN

More information on this venue

NOTE: This is a memorializing of Passover and will occur during the normal Shabbat service time and includes teaching. Please hold a family Passover on your own during the time period you feel appropriate for this event.

Join Ryan White, Dinah Dye, Matthew Vander Els, David Wilbur, the Torah Puppets team, and more at this amazing 3 day conference. This year's theme is New Creation and is shaping up to be an amazing subject.

For more information, please visit: https://gatherthescattered.com/

The Messiah Torah 2018 Conference is to be a special gathering of like-minded believers in Yeshua and followers of His Torah -- or those who desire to learn more about loving their Savior through obedience to His entire Word. Romans 10:4 tells us that Yeshua (Jesus) is the goal of the Torah (the Law) -- to live out Torah is to live in Him. Messiah Torah 2018 is all about teaching and encouraging each other in this walk and lifting up our Savior in the process. This year's theme is "Longing for Home". Our featured teachers are Mike Clayton, Chris Knight, Matthew Vander Els and Ryan White. Praise and worship will be led by Lenny and Varda Harris. There will also be special programs for the children provided by BIMA's own Torah Puppets!

For more information on the venue and to sign up, please click this link

Listen to Ryan speak at the Revive conference hosted by Hebraic Roots Network this year in Jacksonville.

Click here for more information

Speaking location to be announced.

Event information to be announced. Will be similar to the last 3 years' conferences. Hosted by Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries