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After making a payment profile through Paypal, you will be emailed a link to create an account on this website.  If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder, many email clients automatically route the email to that folder.  If you still do not have the email, please email with your desired username and password and your membership will be manually entered into the website as soon as possible

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Free AccessBronzeSilver Gold
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Download up to 5 Audio and/or Video Teachings per Month**NONOYESSee Below
Download up to 10 Audio and/or Video Teachings per Month**NONONOYES
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**Please Note:  1 "teachings" = up to 2 hours of audio or video.  For teachings longer than 2 hours, the download will be split into multiple files each containing up to 2 hours and each file will require usage of one download.  Example:  Teaching A is 6 hours long.  You will have to download 3 separate zip files and that will use up 3 out of your 5/10 downloads for the month.

All memberships are recurrent.  Your membership will automatically renew each month or year.  If you wish to stop renewal, you will need to cancel your membership.

Also, the website software will allow you to download the same teaching multiple times if your download fails without using up one of your downloads.

Thank you and Shalom!