Yom Kippur in the Ancient Near East

Yom Kippur is a day where the entire nation of Israel seeks repentance for willful, rebellious sins.  Have you wondered how this ritual was understood in the ancient Near East?  How did ancient Israel understand sin and what were the affects of sin?  What about forgiveness? Did forgiveness mean the same thing to them as it does to us today? …

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How Do We Keep Yom Kippur?

Shalom Everybody, I had intended to take a couple weeks off posting anything since my 4th son was born a week ago (circumcised yesterday! Baruch HaShem!), but this subject was weighing heavy on my heart so I put together a quick recording about how Scriptures teach we should keep Yom Kippur and really all of the Feasts. I pray you …

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Shavuot and the Book of Ruth

Shalom All, This was my very first teaching I did!  Its amazing the opportunity that I have been given and I can see how much I have grown and become more comfortable since this first teaching.  For those who have not seen this teaching before, please excuse my nervousness, I believe the message is very important though. Have you ever …

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