Bo – Ancient Covenants

///Bo – Ancient Covenants

Ancient Covenants


Ancient Covenants is a brand new radio show with Ryan White, Daniel McGirr, and Rico Cortes (when available) where we will be discussing the Torah Portions and other parts of Scripture in light of the culture, political language, covenants, and more from the ancient Near East.  This is based on the latest research in archaeology that allows the Scriptures to come to life by allowing us to enter the world of the Hebrews and understand how they would have understood the giving of Scriptures.

This show will air on Wednesdays on LAMB radio at 5pm CST and Saturdays on Hebrew Nation Radio at 4pm CST each week and will also be available here in Podcast audio format.  You can also follow us on Facebook at:

This week Daniel and I discuss many various aspects of the Passover and the blood of the lamb.



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